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In Prep/Review:

  • Fair, H., T. Hamilton, R. Smiley, Q. Liu.  In Revision. Determinants of microbial community structure in supraglacial pool sediments of monsoonal Tibetan Plateau.  Microbiology Spectrum (revision).

  • Fair, H., P.C. Smiley Jr., and R. Lanno.  Hydraulic characteristics determine the distribution of organic matter, substrate, and invertebrates in a glacial-melt stream.  Hydrobiologia. (revision)

  • Fair, H. and P.C. Smiley Jr. Takeaways from assessing abilities and experiences of Ecology and Environmental Science Mentoring Programs in mentoring Deaf and hard of hearing students. (in Prep)

  • Fair, H., L. Bair, and E.A. Greene.  The Value of Water Quality Information for Targeting Agricultural Best Management Practices. United States Geological Survey (USGS) Circular (In review)


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